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    Indian weddings are exposed to plenty of variation according to the tradition, culture and religion. Each one of the customs has their very own norms. Music being an integral area of the Indian culture, the variation in wedding music is obvious because of the existence of a multi-religious society. With regards to the context of Nair wedding, the essence is fairly unique and various. A Nair wedding closely follows the rituals of a Hindu marriage. Hence the music arrangement, which sets the actual flavour of the ceremony, is fairly distinctive from one other types of music. The appropriate planning leads to the right execution of wedding music, without which the traditional norms remain incomplete.

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    Tips to arrange an ideal music:

    While you opt for the right music to match the auspicious ceremony perfectly, you may be in the dilemma regarding things to plan.

    � A typical Hindu wedding may last for 5 days as well as the range of music must be made in order that the arrangements are available in such a way the music organisers result in the proper arrangement and preparing for all the days.

    � Coming to the option of music, the person tastes for songs differ. While some of the families prefer to play in the latest and contemporary Bollywood hits, other continue with the old customs. They play old classical or folk songs or simply romantic wedding songs to match the climate. Hence you may decide out of your long drawn tradition or just choose a change if you would like.

    � The real essence of Nair matrimony is in the auspicious sound of shehnai. It is played for the whole period at particular amounts of time.

    � The sangeet ceremony is an important aspect when it comes to marriage. The feminine individuals the bride's family sing these songs in the chorus and aim at the bright future of bride.

    Arranging for music bands for wedding:

    Because of the widespread diversity within the wedding songs, some musical bands came up with numerous wedding songs. You can count upon those bands for the best choice of music. There are specialized bands for every type of wedding music. It may sound somewhat new, but you can still bank in it for the preferred type of songs. These could include instrumental arrangements too, like tabla, sitar and dhol. Aside from these, if you're a bit modern, you can request Bollywood songs. Songs like Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna, Joote Dedo Paise Lelo, Babul Ki Duaayein Leti Ja, etc. are among the old songs played during weddings, even though the a new one may be chosen from the contemporary Bollywood hits at random.

    Whenever you policy for a band, you need to keep certain things at the back of your head:

    � Whether they knowledge of their profession
    � Whether or not they stick to the tradition
    � If they are potent enough to sing music on request
    The proper arrangement for music in a Nair wedding sets the right mood for your grand ceremony.

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